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About Starlight Capital

At Starlight Capital, we are investment-led and client-focused. Our goal is to deliver superior, risk-adjusted returns for investors by using our disciplined approach of Focused Business Investing. We build concentrated portfolios of high quality businesses when they offer us enough return for the risk we are exposed to.

Fireside chat with President and CEO of Starlight Investments, Daniel Drimmer

Starlight Investments President and CEO, Daniel Drimmer speaks about our history, vision and why Starlight Capital was created.

What makes us unique?

Dennis Mitchell, Graeme Llewellyn and Lou Russo speak about what sets Starlight Capital apart.

What does partnership mean to us?

Hear from Graeme Llewellyn and Lou Russo on what distinguishes Starlight Capital from other mutual fund companies

Introducing Starlight Capital

We have been thinking about Starlight Capital for over 20 years. This firm is our passion and our life’s ambition and we are proud to share it with you.

What we believe in

The Starlight Capital team shares some of their beliefs and values

Our Approach

Every day is unique in the investment world. Check in with our portfolio managers for their views and insights on current markets and strategies, and news about the opportunities they see today.

The Case for Global Infrastructure

Infrastructure assets provide essential services that allow global cities to function. The almost inelastic demand for their services results in consistent revenue, margin and cash flow growth. Global macro trends such as population growth, urbanization and digitization drive the continued utilization of these assets. Infrastructure businesses add to portfolio diversification because of their low correlation to other asset classes. Infrastructure assets have historically outperformed equities and remain under-allocated to by most investors.

Our Investment Philosophy - Focused Business Investing

Focused Business Investing attempts to build a concentrated portfolio of high-quality businesses that will generate superior risk-adjusted returns over the long term. The focus is on companies with strong, recurring free cash flow from irreplaceable assets, capitalized with low levels of debt and run by management teams that behave like true stewards of investor capital. However, this must be done only when these companies are priced to deliver sufficient return for the risk incurred.

The Case for Global Real Estate

Real estate firms generate long-term cash-flow streams with leverage to rising economic output. This is confirmed by the long-term outperformance of REITs over the last 25 years, compared to both global stocks and global bonds. The outperformance of REITs over this time period is often linked to declining interest rates, however it’s important to note that global equities outperformed global bonds during this time period.

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